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State of Virginia Deadline to submit an appeal is June 30, 2017.

2017 Adult Slow Pitch Classification Instructions

State of Virginia Deadline to submit an appeal is JUNE 30, 2017

 Attention all Men’s Tournament Teams & Men’s Tournament Players:

It is very important that you read the section on the USA/ASA National web site about Adult Slow Pitch Classification.

You need to look up your team’s rating and the rating of any men’s slow pitch players.

You can find that information by logging onto the USA/ASA National Web Site:


From there click on the Adult tab and go to Slow Pitch Player Classification.

Located above the Mandatory Classification you will see Associations/Teams/Players.

Click on Teams to search by teams.  Click on Players to search by individual players.


G. Mandatory Classification

  1. Mandatory Player Classification.Starting January 1 each year will start a player appeal process where each player can submit an appeal to have their player rating dropped. This process ends August 1 and at that time appeals will not be accepted until January. We have taken our team guidelines and based it on the USA Softball Code in which a team could have 3 Mandatory players from the next higher division on their roster. We consider our list equal to Mandatory rated players. With the player rating system that we have in place helps create a fair and level playing field for all of our teams not only at a local but also at a national level. Below are the guidelines that we use on how to classify a team. Players on the USA Softball Restricted List can only participate in the Men’s A or Coed Open Programs. A Player may have a + (plus) designation, this player cannot play down a class.

Men’s Slow Pitch 

  • Men’s A = 3 Player’s from the USA Softball Restricted Players List.
  • Men’s B = 3 A Rated players and no players Class A+ or from the Restricted Player List.
  • Men’s C = Three ( 3 ) B classified players and no players from Class A, Class B+, or the USA Softball Restricted Player’s List.
  • Men’s D = Three ( 3 ) C classified players and no players from Class A, Class B, Class C+, or the Restricted Player’s List.
  • Men’s E = Three ( 3 ) D classified players and no players from Class A, Class B, Class C, Class D+ or the Restricted Player’s List.

From the Individual player’s page, you can click on the box that says “Appeal” to begin the appeal process if you disagree with the player’s classification.


Please let us know if you have any questions or problems about this process. Contact Henry Pollard (804-569-0532) or Andy Dooley (540-587-6844) for more information.


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